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孤独的金鱼 (by 蕃茄人生)
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Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012
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ナツノオモイデ by (sayu0410)
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Gone Fishing
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Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that my book, Still Turns, is now available for preorder. Information is as follows:

  • Original illustrations only; features work collected over 2013–2014 along with a few unposted pieces drawn for the book
  • A5 size (roughly 6×9″)
  • Full colour & perfect bound
  • 56 pages in total (not incl. cover) with 42 pages of illustrations

Please note that as this is a preorder books will not ship immediately. Orders placed during this period are scheduled to begin shipping from early to mid September. Once orders begin shipping I will make a post on this blog regarding delivery expectations. If there is an unexpected delay, I will also make a post.

This preorder period will last from now until the 15th of August, AEST.

For those attending Sydney SMASH! 2014, Still Turns will be available for purchase on both days (the 9th + 10th of August) at my table in the Artists’ Circle. There will be a separate post with relevant information later. If you would like to reserve a copy for pick-up & pay at SMASH!, please do NOT place an order through Storenvy and instead fill out this form.

Regular orders for any remaining stock will be open later this year or early next year.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shared in my excitement for this book!


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水中を泳ぐ金魚が涼しげ! 夏にピッタリの和菓子「若葉蔭」はいかが?

おはようございます。7/8の京都市内は晴れ。とても蒸し暑い朝となっています。写真は私が撮影した、とらやの『若葉陰』というお菓子です。いよいよ、本日より発売です。人気のお菓子です。店頭で見かけた際には迷わずゲットしてくださいね。 #京都 pic.twitter.com/2yf2wBLrPa
— 京都五感処-京都Loversフォーラム- (@Kyoto_Lovers)
2014, 7月 7
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Opaque  by  andbamnan